The Rescue Fire Department was created with the support and contributions of the Rescue Volunteer Firefighter Association members and the greater community.  The RVFA, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1960 by local residents who served as both RVFA members and firefighter personnel.  

The RVFA's primary tasks were to provide fire protection to the Rescue Fire Protection District and to help support the needs of fire victims and their families.  The RVFA has raised critical funding for firefighting operations by hosting annual events and accepting donations.  

In 1975, a district tax was approved to help supplement and support the funding provided by the RVFA.  In 1977, the construction and dedication of Rescue Station 83 was completed.  Station 83 is in use today providing critical fire protection and ALS/BLS medical services to the community.

The RVFA is continually seeking new members and invites you to join the Association. Click here to  send us your contact information and an RVFA representative will contact you.


Our Mission

The mission of the RVFA is to:

  • Promote fire prevention awareness in the Rescue Fire Protection District.
  • Plan, conduct and sponsor community fund raising events.
  • Establish and maintain a cash reserve from which the Association may donate needed items of equipment and services to the Rescue Fire Protection District.
  • Participate in the training of its members and others in fire prevention, fire fighting and first aid.
  • Support the community with scholarships and sponsorships.

What We've Achieved

  • Purchased medical and fire supplies for the fire department.
  • Helped restore the RSLS building
  • Purchased iPads and computers for the department to use for mapping software and medical documentation.
  • Given scholarships to local high school graduates to further their education.
  • Purchased supplies for firefighters to attend paramedic school.
  • Participate in the Fill the Boot initiative for the Firefighters Burn Institute.
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